A Special Christmas in Seville

During the Christmas holidays, the city of Seville is filled with light and joy, embodying the classic Christmas spirit

We invite you to discover this magic with our Special Christmas experience in Seville

It is a Christmas walk through the most spectacular places in the center of Seville, with local guides.

It is a Christmas tour led by local guides through the most spectacular spots in the centre of Seville. Here you can learn about the history of Christmas and the nativity as well as all the most interesting legends and stories about this very special time of year.
We will also visit the most beloved places in Seville at Christmas.

We look forward to discovering the magic of Sevilla at Christmas with you!

Languages: Spanish and English

Schedule: Every day from the 2nd of December to the 5th of January, at 6.30pm, booking at least 24 hours in advance.

Meeting point: Las Setas de Sevilla (Espacio Metropol Parasol), at the door of Antiquarium.

Approximate duration: 2 hours.

Price per person: 20€ (with a drink included)

Special prices for children (on request)

Special prices for groups (on request)

To book, please contact us here

You can also send us a message by Whatsapp by pressing the button on the right below 😉

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