Tapas Sevilla

The verb to have tapas in Spanish is ‘tapear’, which after reading this blog post, is exactly what you’ll be doing.

Seville is full of local places to enjoy some tapas, and one of the most famous of all is El Rinconcillo which you’ll find on the top of the list in each guidebook. I went there a few years ago and enjoyed a glass of cava, and there is a vast selection of local tapas on offer.

One of my favourites in the city is Pelayo Bar de Tapas, which is on a side street just next to the Cathedral. Whenever I have visitors, I take them here. It is always very busy but somehow, they always manage to squeeze you in for a delicious meal.

Tapas Sevilla
Pictured here is paella de mariscos, ensalada de tomate, y croquetas de jamón from Pelayo Bar de Tapas.

Another firm favourite of mine is Casa Ricardo, a long-established tapas bar tucked away on a side street just off the Alameda de Hércules.

Tapas Sevilla
Casa Ricardo: here you can see the décor of the restaurant.
They serve traditional dishes such as solomillo al whiskey y flamenquín.
Tapas Sevilla
And these are the croquetas de jamón, which I can categorially say are the best I have tried in Seville!

Finally, after eating lots of tapas and savoury dishes, it is time for something sweet!
Bar El Comercio is in the centre of the city, very close to Plaza del Salvador, and they are famed for their churros con chocolate which are the perfect palate cleanser!
They also have a selection of typical Spanish wines, as well as manzanilla, which is similar to sherry and very typical of the Andalusian region.

Tapas Sevilla
Here is my dad trying the churros con chocolate with a glass of sherry!

«Sevilla: Where are the best places to eat tapas?» is written by: Natasha Kimber

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