Cádiz Carnival is a 10-day celebration, which this year ran from Thursday the 8th to Sunday the 18th of February. It is Spain’s premiere carnival, and numerous groups and associations, as well as the town hall, spend the whole year preparing for the carnival.

The carnival is known for the fancy dress costumes, lively atmosphere and music! I had the opportunity to experience the carnival on the final Saturday with my friends, and it was an incredible experience. We got the bus from Seville to Cádiz in the afternoon and arrived just in time to see the sun set behind the cathedral, where thousands of partygoers were enjoying the carnival. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the carnival was in full swing!

Cádiz Cathedral
Cádiz Cathedral

There were many elaborate costumes, with people from every age fulfilling the dress code. As we stood in our group drinking rebujito from cans, an old gentleman came up to us with his camera and took some pictures of us!
After the sun set, we made our way to the stage to watch the entertainment for the night. It took a while to walk there as the streets were so full of people!


The stage was all lit up and as the performer sang, confetti came down upon us! It was such a lovely evening to spend with friends, dancing to the music and chatting to new people about the culture and of course admiring costumes!

Cádiz Carnival
This is me and my friend Ellen wearing our joker headbands and a red boa, drinking Tinto de Verano!

It was an unforgettable night with friends, and after the show had finished, we made our way back to the bus, and arrived back to Seville at about 4 in the morning! It was most definitely worth the late night, and I would encourage anyone to visit next year to see the spectacle for themselves!

«The Cádiz Carnival» is written by: Natasha Kimber

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