Spanish online teacher
Spanish online teacher

We also offer all our Spanish courses in digital format

Online Spanish Standard courses:

This is a 15 hour long course per week for 3 hours everyday (from Monday – Friday), with the minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 6.

The price per person is 135€ per week

Online private lessons:

We are very flexible and can accomodate classes to align with your schedule or any needs.

Price per class of 60 minutes: 20€

Online Preparation DELE Exam:

Prepare with us for the Exam «Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera».

You have the option of make the Course of 2 classes of 1.30 hour each per week (3 hours per week)between 2 and 6 students.

Also the option to do private lessons.

Price per person each month (4 weeks): 150€

If you prefer private lessons, in this case the price is 25€ per hour.

Online Specific courses: Spanish for Business, Medical Spanish, Spanish for Tourism, etc.

Develop language skills specific to your area.

You have the option of make the Course of 15 hours per week and 3 hours per days between 2 and 6 students.Also the option to have private lessons, 10 hours per week and 2 hours per day, for the same price. Price per week and student : 160€


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